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Our Work

Our approach to the fight for human rights and accountable governance is multifaceted, encompassing advocacy and awareness, alliance and capacity building, as well as education and empowerment.

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Advocacy & Awareness

Our efforts begin with raising awareness about the struggle for democracy in Eswatini and the significance of active civic participation. We organize peaceful demonstrations, creating visibility for our demand for change. Through advocacy, we champion the cause of transparent, accountable, and democratic governance. By mobilizing public support through impactful campaigns, events, and social media outreach, we inspire collective action and foster a sense of shared responsibility.


Documentation & Education

A critical aspect of our work involves meticulously documenting human rights violations and maintaining a written record of anti-democratic practices.  We co-create audio materials to equip activists with the knowledge necessary for effective advocacy in the context of Eswatini, nurturing informed leaders who will shape a democratic future. We have also collaborated on a compelling documentary - The Unthinkable - that tells the stories of the targeted persecution of activists in Eswatini. By drawing meaningful connections between historical events and the present day, our film endeavors to shed light on the longstanding, systematic "purging" of visionary leaders, which has been used to suppress the democratic movement in Eswatini for decades.


Historical Archiving

In our commitment to preserving our history and creating a detailed timeline of the Eswatini unrest and associated political events since 2021, we have established a digital archive. This archive serves as a vital information repository, specifically focusing on the Swazi struggle for self-determination. While acknowledging that the Swazi struggle predates 2021, our archive concentrates on recent history, notably after the tragic massacre that followed nationwide protests in May 2021.

Alliance Building & Collaboration

Building bridges on a global scale, we forge strategic partnerships with organizations that share our values. We collaborate closely with like-minded activists and groups worldwide. Together, we amplify our collective voice, reinforcing the importance of upholding democratic values on the international stage.

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