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Advocating for political, social & economic change in Eswatini

Our mission is to promote the restitution of political and economic power to the people of Swaziland. We are dedicated to achieving the total liberation of Swazis from the autocratic regime and fostering the establishment of a multi-party democratic system. We seek to cultivate a society that embodies the principles of equality and justice, governed by the rule of law and profound reverence for human rights.

We envision a Swaziland where the dignity of every individual is upheld without discrimination of any kind, characterized by a multi-party democracy founded on the rule of law.

We value democracy, human rights, justice, accountability, fairness, dignity, equity, equality, peace, and the rule of law.


Until that day when change comes to my country, I will be on the road to justice

Thulani Rudolph Maseko, 1970 - 2023

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